About January

Hello!  I’m January. Yes, that’s my real, given name.  I’m vegan. I’m sporty. I like clothes.  I don’t dress like the rest, and I’m cool with that.  IMG_2936

Let me first start of by saying, I’m pretty sure I don’t “match” most of the time. And that’s the way I like it! I don’t really follow fashion rules, I just enjoy throwing together what looks right in my eyes. Usually this involves a lot of colors, and then more colors.  I can tell you I don’t own much black.

Second, I’m vegan so I make a HUGE effort to wear vegan inspired clothes, whether it’s re-purposed, recycled or new. There are many fabrics that are animal friendly and I find no need for something to give it’s life so people can love how I look for a day.

Next I believe in mixed fashion. Meaning a $1.00 tank top from wal-mart and a fancy mid-level $30 sale blazer from Kohl’s for example. I try to make all kinds of crazy combinations work.

Fourth, I’m addicted to shoes, especially sneakers, but then who isn’t addicted to shoes?  And Sanuks too.  One day I’ll own them all.

Lastly, I LOVE me some comfort clothes. Sweatpants are my best friend and I always try to tie them into looking swanky somehow.  January J. Johnson vegan fashion

OH!  And in addition to dressing like some rad, crazy hippie I am a certified plant based nutritionist through T. Collin Campbell and Cornell University, and I am also an herbalist.  I love to preach health.

Often I’m not very photogenic, —> example, but ah well, like most of us, I’m not a model.

SPORTS.  I mountain bike, play ice hockey, hike, dragon boat, travel and do yoga.  You betcha I’m gonna post about that fun!


What you’ll find on this website:

  • Well weird, funky, fashion fun.  My ideas on being fashionable, without always being “fashionable”.
  • You’ll find already researched places, stores, tips, ideas, outfits etc. that are Earth and animal friendly.
  • You’ll find fun social interaction – I’m a complete goof.
  • You’ll find a few vegan recipes, favorite restaurant spots, smoothies, some food posts etc.  Herbal remedies and some vegan education might find it’s way in there too!
  • Sports related posts – hockey, biking, yoga.  What I’m wearing, what I’m doing and what you’d love to be doing too.
  • A picture or 2 of my cats (they rule).


I put this website together as a platform so we can help each other live animal friendly lifestyles.  AND for the fact that everyone keeps asking me what I’m wearing and where I got it.  It’s also a pretty awesome way to keep a diary of every badass thing I wore.

I love being vegan.  I love it for my health and I love it for the animals.  I make mistakes though and I know I’m not perfect.  But I correct them. Sometimes I find the vegan community too harsh on each other when we are all here for the same goal.  I will never be one of those people as I try to encourage everyone to even make some small changes in your lives and build on them.  Even one vegan meal a week is great start!  I have also helped MANY people at least become vegetarian or plant-based, in which I am super happy about and will continue to encourage people to do so!
**We are all not perfect.  I don’t judge.  I educate.