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Lazy Day Vegan Wear

So today I didn’t feel like doing any thing too elaborate.  Well, honestly, I guess that’s how I always dress, but who doesn’t love some super comfy, lazy day vegan wear?  On days where I just want to wake up and go, I always reach for leggings.  Even when you’re being lazy, a pair of
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“Yes, sometimes unusual things happen after a switch to a vegetarian diet. I’ve seen a number of cases in which the poor people broke out in violent attacks of good health,followed by bouts of physical exercise and sweet thoughts.”


Vegan Beach Wear

Ahhhhhhhhhh.  The old what do I wear to the beach thing.  Well for me, I wear all kinds of kooky stuff. On beach days, my thought process goes like this: 1.  Stay comfortable  2.  Can I walk in the very shallow water with what I’m wearing?  3. Will this outfit be annoying if I get
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Sassy Nautical Style – Vegan Fashion

Sassy vegan Nautical style for the spring! Who doesn’t love chucks!? Vegan nautical spring style! by januarythreads showing what to wear with a bow headband Ruby Rocks sailor dress $66 - fashion-conscience.com Converse canvas shoes $75 - liberty.co.uk Satchel handbag $67 - fashion-conscience.com Chain necklace nastygal.com Swarovski bracelet $98 - vanmildert.com Wrap bracelet ettika.com Warehouse black plastic sunglasses $23 - warehouse.co.uk Brooks Brothers belt brooksbrothers.com
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Tigerbear Republik Shoes

Shoes by Tigerbear Republik.  100% vegan.  They use sustainable fabrics, water-based glue, eco-concious materials and are vegan!  Hip hip hooray!  You can read more about them here – http://www.tigerbearrepublik.com/


The Comfy Jeans and White-T Combo – Vegan Fashion

Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of ripped jeans and an oversized white T?  Add some color with funky kicks, 80′s style sunglasses, beaded earrings and a vegan leather watch/bracelet. Comfy Vegan fashion by januarythreads featuring bride earrings Vero Moda loose shirt $34 - veromoda.com Bride earrings etsy.com Dittos wrap bracelet watch modcloth.com SO plastic sunglasses kohls.com
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We Don’t Eat Our Pals

We Don’t Eat or Wear Our Friends. Vegan Funky Fashion with Tom’s by januarythreads featuring track pants Green top etsy.com Lovers + Friends track pants djpremium.com TOMS Planet Shoes toms.com Satchel style purse $92 - fashion-conscience.com


Vegan Quotes

A wise quote…


Vegan Fashion… What This Blog Is All About!

Hello!  I’m January J. Johnson. Yes, that’s my real, given name, however, I tend to go by any month you want to call out.  I’m vegan. I’m sporty. I like clothes.  I own a ton of clothes. For a loooooooong time I always got positive (although some “are you nuts!?”) comments about what I am
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