Vegan Fashion… What This Blog Is All About!

Hello!  I’m January J. Johnson. Yes, that’s my real, given name, however, I tend to go by any month you want to call out.  I’m vegan. I’m sporty. I like clothes.  I own a ton of clothes. For a loooooooong time I always got positive (although some “are you nuts!?”) comments about what I am wearing.  I also get the, “I wish I could wear that” or “I wish I could get away with that”.  Well, I’m here to tell you you CAN wear that, who says we always have to walk around fitting the typical fashion mold?  IMG_2936And who wants to even fit in anymore?


I started this blog because I wear some pretty funky stuff AND I blend it with being VEGAN.  This means I don’t (purposely) wear anything that harmed one of our wonderful animal friends.  I also wear Earth friendly, recycled, re-purposed or handmade items. I post about what I wear, what materials the clothes are made of and where you can find the same or similar items.


So, I’m pretty sure I don’t “match” (or whatever the rules are for matching) most of the time. And that’s the way I like it! I don’t really follow fashion rules, I just enjoy throwing together what looks right in my eyes. Usually this involves a lot of colors, and then more colors.  I can tell you I don’t own much black.  I’d say my style is certainly more casual, everyday stuff but with a really unique twist.  I’ve been called a hippie quite a few times and I’ve been known to wear stuff that makes people stare and ask confused questions.


Next I believe in mixed fashion.  This could be wearing a $1.00 tank top from wal-mart and a fancy mid-level $30 sale blazer from Kohl’s for example. I try to make all kinds of crazy combinations work.  Typically I find some good bargains and add my spin to it.


I’m also addicted to shoes, especially sneakers, but then who isn’t addicted to shoes?  Oh, and I’m obsessed with Sanuks too.  One day I’ll own them all.


Lastly, I LOVE me some comfort clothes. Sweatpants and sweatshirts are my best friends and I always try to tie them into looking swanky somehow.  January Threads vegan fashion hot pink shirt at beach


OH!  And in addition to dressing like some rad, crazy hippie I am a certified plant based nutritionist through T. Collin Campbell and Cornell University, and I am also an herbalist.  I love to preach health.  So more often than not, I’ll post and/or rant about what I’m eating and what you SHOULD be eating.  Because I care.  :)


Thank you for being a part of my blog, my style, my health rants and more!  I look forward to being in touch with many of you and helping you find and keep and vegan closet!



A few notes:  Before I was vegan, I owned clothing that wasn’t vegan, like leather, silk, wool… etc.  BUT, my choice, was to keep those items and celebrate the lives of the animals vs. throwing them away and having their lives have been in vain. Plus, I’m not perfect.  I’m always learning and I try to research everything and keep everything vegan and eco-conscious.
**We are all not perfect.  I don’t judge.  I educate.