Vegan Beach Wear Fashion

Vegan Beach Wear

Ahhhhhhhhhh.  The old what do I wear to the beach thing.  Well for me, I wear all kinds of kooky stuff.

On beach days, my thought process goes like this: 1.  Stay comfortable  2.  Can I walk in the very shallow water with what I’m wearing?  3. Will this outfit be annoying if I get sandy.  Once I’ve gone down that checklist, I’m ready to pick out what I’m wearing and go!
Vegan Beach Wear Fashion
This beach day happened to be very overcast and slightly cool.  I was on a surfer’s beach, so I wouldn’t be laying around, mostly walking (high tides and cliffs).  So, I went with super comfy leggings, a rad, lightweight beachy, ripped sweatshirt and an extremely lightweight cotton long sleeve for underneath.Vegan Beach Wear Fashion
The leggings are 92% poly and 8% spandex – super soft.  I got them on Zuilily’s.  You can find tons of great, inexpensive leggings on Zulily

The sweatshirt is 100% cotton, pink and gray with a completely ripped back.  It’s long in the back than in the front, a good butt cover!  I got this gem at Love Culture for $6.99!
Vegan Beach Wear Fashion
The lightweight 100% cotton seafoam green top is Mudd’s Burnout Top, from Kohl’s.  I got it for about $5 with a coupon.  And when I say lightweight, I mean it’s like it’s almost not there.
Vegan Beach Wear Fashion
I got tons of comments and compliments on this outfit in this tiny little surfer beach town.  Including one person thinking I was on a model photoshoot.  I’ll take it!  (Ignore the flops, the Sanuks I had on got all sandy and wet, oops).
Vegan Beach Wear Fashion// Leggings – Zuilily  //  Sweatshirt – Love Culture  //  Mudd Burnout Top – Kohl’s  //



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